Our Story

The Savannah Logistics Innovation Center was established in 2021. This is our story.

In May of 2018, Savannah was named one of two Technology Corridors in the State of Georgia by SR-821, a resolution signed by the Governor. This occurred in large part due to the work of a group of dedicated residents, business owners and community leaders dedicated to making it happen: the Savannah Logistics Technology Corridor Task Force.

Goal: Make Savannah a Globally Recognized Leader in Logistics Innovation

The Task Force developed a four pronged plan to achieve this goal and lobbied the state for funding to do a comprehensive study on the concept.

The 4 Pronged Plan:


The Logistics Community has strong support through organizations such as The Propellor Club, The Savannah Logistics Connection, and Maritime After Hours. We seek to add an innovation component to this community.


Develop and maintain industry specific curriculum to ensure the current and future workforce is ready for the coming transformation. This effort requires a strong partnership between K-12, technical colleges and the local universities.

Incubation / Acceleration

Develop programs to assist local logistics corporations to access university research and startups to ensure they don’t get left behind in the coming transformation .


Create and implement incentives for both individuals and companies who wish to relocate to the region.

Proposed incentives include: Angel Tax Credit, Student Loan Assistance, and Tax Credit Programs.